6 Best Health Retreats Across Thailand

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Our jobs have us all wound up in this day and age, not leaving much for mindful sustenance. However, in the land of smiles, Thailand, visitors are assured of affordable travel costs, great hospitality, and some of the best Health Retreats in the world.

People visit Thailand for its unique culture, scenic beauty, and the pure magical surprise this place brings tourists. Not only is Thailand a place to gorge on some healthy Thai Food made with fresh herbs, but it is also the heart of various Yoga, massage, fitness, and health retreats.

Thailand has claimed its place as a central destination for health and wellness for its life-changing fitness and wellness centres.

Retreats across Thailand are well versed in building resilience, confidence and helping you sync with yourself physically and mentally. From Phuket to Bangkok, all provide standard care at an inexpensive rate that we otherwise have to shell out in western countries.

A few days spent in the undermentioned retreats will transform your body and soul, making you feel like a different person. Check out some of the best Retreats across Thailand that will turn your worked-up body into a rejuvenated one.

Rosewood – Phuket

Rosewood - Phuket

This southern island of Thailand is a hotspot for tourists looking for a memorable getaway. Rosewood Phuket is a paragon of wellness retreats. Its innovative architecture and exuberant landscapes make for a perfect retreat. It has a tranquil environment captured in its 71 pavilions and villas that refine you from head to toe. With its crystal clear ocean and spectacular hillside, Rosewood is a dreamy hideaway sure to calm your nerves.



Situated in a peaceful headland, Rosewood is surrounded by seaside towns spread all over the southwest coastline. From getting the taste of local cuisine to capturing art and fashion in the boutique shops, Rosewood Phuket is nestled in one of the most sought-after destinations in Phuket.

Activities, Therapies and Treatments

Rosewood works with numerous specialist therapists who help lay a foundation for your wellbeing.


It curates your past experiences to give you a wide array of holistic sessions, including Muay Thai, Yoga, Meditation, and Chi Nei. Asaya programs are aimed at renewing individuals towards self-development. It provides three different types of treatments, Asaya Cleanse, Balance, and Asaya Body Fit.


The fitness centre in Rosewood provides a multitude of options, from strengthening the muscles to high-intensity workouts. The yoga and pilates classes help you build your core and tap into a life filled with joy and self-care.


This organic free-form infinity pool adds to the much-needed repose that sets aside the oasis’s picturesque beauty, combining with the glistening waters of the bay.


It has some of the best rooms which have direct views of the gardens and oceans. High-Speed Internet is provided in all rooms with complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast available from 7 AM to 11 AM. The resort is child-friendly and has a special children’s pool, baby bath, and babysitting facilities.

Smiley Retreat – Koh Phangan

Smiley Retreat Koh Phangan

This Health Retreat provides an exclusive wellness regime that helps to develop a mind-body relationship. Established in the small restful town of Srithanu, it is looked after by Luca Sonzongi, who pursued nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine from London. The Yoga here is often voted as one of the best in Koh Phangan.



Smiley Retreat is set up in a place that is essentially a fishing port surrounded by beaches, Thai bars, and lakes. It is a heaven that tourists go to seek peace and comfort in.

Activities, Therapies and Treatments

Your needs are well taken care of by tailored fasting programs along with body detoxing that breathes an exciting life into you.


With an organic environment, the detox programs offered here are diversified into many branches. You can opt for plans like the fat-loss program, intermittent fasting, digestive health, whole food program, and liver support. All of these are guided by health experts that further make these exercises impactful.

Yoga and Healing

It offers several yogic exercises that lessen the trauma and tension in the body. This program transcends physical reality and touches a spiritual high. All six principles of Naturopathy are applied to align the soul, body, and mind.


You will have private rooms, suites, penthouses, and villas to choose to stay at. With the natural scenic abundance and contemporary furnished patios, Smiley Retreat is one of the most peculiar yet calming retreats in Koh Phangan.

Kamalaya – Koh Samui

Kamalaya Koh Samui

This wellness sanctuary offers an integrated solution to various health problems faced in this dynamic world. If you are looking to establish a close relationship with your inner self, Kamalaya is the perfect place to revive your lost soul.



It is located amid the tropical landscape of Koh Samui, overlooking the pristine islands. It is within a short distance of some eye-catching spots like Samui Butterfly Garden and Laem Set Beach.

Activities, Therapies and Treatments

Kamalaya believes in the interconnection of all the facets of health. The programs here are an amalgamation of Chinese medicine, Naturopaths, Yoga, and meditation.

Yin & Yang Yoga

The goal of this yoga immersion is to build flexibility and strength in mind and body. This is headed by one of the world’s leading Yin & Yang practitioners, Simon Low. The expert himself keenly attends to all the participants.


It is meant to help with joint pains and normalize the mood. You will have to detoxify your body under the guidance of a wellness consultant and a reiki master.


The Kamalaya villa is the epitome of architecture, allowing the guests to connect with the mother earth. It has a private swimming pool and large outdoor spaces, and several in-room complimentary facilities.

Charm Churee Villa – Koh Tao

Charm Churee Villa - Koh Tao

This resort & spa is situated on a beautiful sand beach in Koh Tao. The concept of this retreat is based on the unique idea of helping guests engage with the unending amenities. What makes it strikingly beautiful is that Tropical forests with enjoyable weather surround Charm Churee.



It is spaced on 120 acres of the seaside jungle, where the panoramic views of greenery and a shower seat add to the deeper connection with nature. It is within walking distance of the town.

Therapies, Activities and Treatments

It is one of the most amazing resorts to stay in, with some of the world-class facilities available.


With a perfect blend of Thai and Balinese decor, you can indulge yourself with the spa that shuns away your worries. This exotic spa relieves muscle soreness and brightens your skin done by exceptional professional staff.


From superior and cottage rooms to sunset suites with pools, Charm Churee is a perfect destination for a retreat that will stay with you your whole life. It has more than 15 options to choose from among the different kinds of spaces to stay.

Anantara – Chiang Mai

Anantara - Chiang Mai

Situated on the banks of Mae Ping River, this resort opens up a whole new world ready to be explored. This temple-filled city is an adventurous ride away from home that gives you spa therapies and other exciting retreats.



It is located in Chang Khlan, Chiang Mai. The railway station is within 3 minutes drive away from the resort. You can spend time exploring activities such as golfing and just being caressed with various spa treatments.

Therapies, Activities and Treatments

It features some of the revered retreats in Chiang Mai. Gear up to see the different kinds of wellness and spa treatments you can get from here.


It provides five treatment rooms with a steam shower and a terrazzo bathtub. Specialized Thai messages are also provided to relieve a couple of tedious vacations. Both oriental and western techniques are employed to stimulate the receptors and open up the energy. A signature massage given by Anantara is enough to help circulate the blood and relax the muscles.

Wellness Retreats

Different packages are available to help unwind the serene beauty that lies in a healthy body. Anantara provides a thrilling experience with all its retreats.


It stands as one of the best resorts in Chiang Mai, with deluxe rooms and suites. All the rooms are equipped with rain showers, bathtubs, and all the other amenities.

RAKxa – Bangkok

RAKxa - Bangkok

It establishes a journey to help you tune in with your natural self. It welcomes you to a wellness program that is unmatched in its quality and service.



It is a revolutionary wellness retreat situated on Bangkok’s jungle-clad island. It is only an hour away from Don Mueang International airport on Brang Krachao, just across the Chao Phraya River.

Therapies, Activities and Treatments

Retreats at Rakxa are truly unrivalled and have different approaches to combat several health problems.

Medical Gym

The exercises in the gym are holistically tailored to function the best possible way. The modern techniques used here are backed up by scientific research and help promote longevity. Each individual’s body is uniquely understood and then helped to get the best results with the help of wellness trainers and physiotherapists.

Wellness Center

The generations of accumulated knowledge and wisdom are applied to cultivate wellbeing from within. This center uses alternative medicinal approaches in aligning your health and actions.


Each villa at Rakxa prioritizes your health and comfort. The living spaces are intricately designed to satisfy the guests and their needs. Drawing the curtains will enable you to take a look at your garden.

You must book a trip and check these retreats for yourself.

Breath Inspired

Breath Inspired

To create a connection between mind and body, the Wim Hof Method provided at Breath Inspired is the best way to find meaningful existence. You can take ice baths with as low of a temperature as zero degrees Celsius.



Breath Inspired offers retreats led by some of the most qualified experts in Thailand. This company is at the leading edge for everything and anything breathwork related.

Therapies, Activities and Treatments

The most popular workshop and retreat is the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals and Advanced courses.


The WHM breathing technique allows your brain to seek knowledge to help you balance your emotions. Every breath you take has an impact on how your lungs get affected.

The instructors at Breath Inspired are also certified in Breatheology, Oxygen Advantage and Pranayama.

Ice Bath

Scientists have found out that a cold environment helps lessen muscle soreness, inflammation, and mental problems. Wim states that a chilled bath is effective in steering clear of distractions and mental hazards.

They guarantee a real ice bath at zero degrees Celcius.

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