3 Apps for the on-the-go Professional

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Overcoming one hurdle at a time…

Apps were designed to make people’s lives easier. A great app eliminates a problem in a matter of minutes, and for busy urban professionals these sorts of apps can act as lifesavers amid a hectic schedule.

The app market is an extremely saturated market and having to sift through the quagmire of substandard apps can become quite tiresome. The app market has grown exponentially over the last four years. Online gaming developers Gaming Realms, producer of casino portal Castle Jackpot, reported that in 2010 the virtual goods market worth $7.3 billion with this figure expected to double by the end of 2014. Why? The advent of more innovative apps means the desire for such useful applications has heightened significantly. And with a greater degree of exposure to apps companies are now more widely marketing their app creations.

So, what innovative apps do we feel may have slipped your radar that could help you with daily chores? Could help you problem solve? Or just add some fun to your daily rigors?

Enjoy the three apps below…

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in place where the Internet is extremely slow. So, nowadays being able to check Wi-Fi hotspots to see 3G fluctuations is an actual problem/need. With Speedtest.net, you can run such a test in less than a minute.

Barcode Scanner
This app turns your phone into a scanner! All you need to do is run the camera over the product’s barcode and it will access the Google Product Search online. It’s very quick and efficient and will tell you if you are buying the product at a reasonable price compared to what it is being sold for online.

Dial Zero
There’s nothing more frustrating than ringing up a customer service line and being put on hold constantly. With Dial Zero you can press zero until you get the opportunity to speak to an actual person. It also has a built in directory with a multitude of U.S. businesses listed in it.