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How to do Tummo Meditation

How to do Tummo Meditation

Tummo is a Tibetian word that means ‘a fierce woman’. It is an ancient meditation technique. The practice originated from the Himalayas…


The Worst Internet Passwords

An unbelievable 10% of internet users keep their secrets safe on their phones, tablets and laptops with at least one of 25…

Wim Hof Koh Phangan

Best Health Retreats in Koh Phangan

Learn about the best health retreats available as well as information about Wim Hof Koh Phangan retreats and WHM events in Phangan Thailand

Hello and welcome to Pars Herald

Pars Herald is the combination of two words including Pars and Herald.
Pars refers to the ancient name of Iran and the language of Iranians.
The exact name of Pars Herald in Persian language is جارچی پارسی. … read more